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Car Radio Schematics for Antique Automobiles and Classic Cars
1930s - 1960s

General Motors / Delco - Chrysler / Mopar - Ford / Philco - Motorola, and many more

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My service library contains thousands of schematics, diagrams, and service manuals for antique automobile tube radios and classic car transistor radios manufactured from the 1930s through the 1960s. Car radio schematics are offered here as high resolution, printable, PDF downloads and may be purchased securely on-line here using PayPal or any major credit card.

Each file is digitized individually in high resolution offering the best quality possible from the original publication. Ordering here saves you days of waiting for a response from other sources, waiting for your mailed payment to be received, and waiting additional days for a copy to arrive in the mail.
Orders are filled and download instructions emailed to you usually the same or next business day. Please allow up to one or two business days.

Most customers prefer these PDF downloads as they arrive faster, there are no shipping charges, they are easier to read, and can be viewed and printed on your computer.
These files range from one page schematics to several pages of service information. If you are looking for particular service information I will be happy to check the file before you place your order.

If you don't see your car radio model listed below contact me for availability. I stock thousands of vintage automobile radio schematics from hundreds of manufacturers and service publishers. These schematics range from the early 1930s through the 1960s. A list of the most popular radio models can be viewed and ordered below.
You may also check and for additional car radio models listed by radio manufacturer.

Auto Radio Schematics
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Classic Car and Antique Auto Radio Models Available:
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A.H. Grebe 61
Acme Moto-Midget
Aircastle 139144, 159144
Aircastle 602-182144
Aircastle 610.A67
Aircastle 610.C351
Aircastle 610.D22
Aircastle 610.F100
Aircastle 610.FE-153
Aircastle 610.H400
Aircastle 610.W-100
Airline 35BR-6796A
Airline 61-12601
Airline 61-6787
Airline 61-6788
Airline 61-6789
Airline 61-6792
Airline 61-6793
Airline 61-6794
Airline 61-6795
Airline FJB-6590A
All-American Mohawk U-50
All-American Mohawk U-500
Allied 1930
Allied F-9541
Allied F-9551
Allied Radio Knight Auto
Allied Radio Romer, A-S-30 SG
Allstate (Silvertone) 6240, 528.62400
Allstate (Silvertone) 6263, 528.6263
Allstate (Silvertone) 6264, 528.6264
Allstate (Silvertone) 6266, 528.6266
Allstate (Silvertone) 6330, 528.63300
Allstate 5028, 5033, 528.50280, 528.50281
Allstate 5098, 5099, 833.50980, 833.50990
Allstate 6225, 6256
Allstate 6231, 6232, 528.62310, 528.50990
Allstate 6268, 6269, 528.62680, 528.62681
Allstate (Sears) 6284, 528.6284
Allstate 6286-4, 528.6286-4
Allstate 6287-4, 528.6287-4
Allstate 6295-6, 528.6295-6
American Motors 8990582, 93MR
American Motors AMC 22BA, 22BAX, 22BAM
American Motors AMC 8990377, 6MR, 8994055, 7MR
American Motors AMC 8990378, 6MA, 76MA
American Motors AMC 8990494
American Motors AMC 8990543
American Motors AMC 8990706, 04MA
American Motors AMC 8990811, 03AR
American Motors AMC 8990833, 14MR
American Motors AMC 94MA, 8990576
Arvin (Noblitt Sparks) 15
Arvin (Noblitt Sparks) 16
Arvin (Noblitt Sparks) 25
Arvin (Noblitt Sparks) 30-A
Arvin (Noblitt Sparks) 35
Arvin (Noblitt Sparks) 45
Arvin 10-A Type 2
ATR 1279-6V, 1279-12V
ATR 606, 612
ATR TR1279-6V, TR1279-12V
Atwater Kent 424, 534
Atwater Kent 534 (revised)
Atwater Kent 636
Atwater Kent 666
Atwater Kent 756, 756-B
Atwater Kent 776
Atwater Kent 81, 81-B, 81-C
Atwater Kent 816, 926, 936 (early)
Atwater Kent 91, 91B, 91C
Audiola 23-S-7
Audiola 33-A-6
Audiola 33-S-6
Audiola 33-S-7
Audiola 347
Audiola 364, B-6
Autocrat Radio 5, 1934 Horn
Autocrat TRF-41
Automatic ATC-60
Automatic BAP-9
Automatic BP-668, C-338C, CP-478C
Automatic BP-679
Automatic C-12, R-54, R-54B
Automatic C-300
Automatic C-300, F-100, F-151, F-152, FM-731
Automatic C-349, CA-109, F-139, FA-219
Automatic C382AT, CP522AT
Automatic CEF-119
Automatic CM-333
Automatic CT-356
Automatic CT-387, CTR-6A, DXT-67A, DTX-68
Automatic CTR-6DB
Automatic CTR-77A, FTP-37A
Automatic CU-39, UN-40
Automatic D-2, D-8, DP-6, DP-11
Automatic D-200
Automatic D-251
Automatic DAP-39
Automatic DET-28
Automatic DM-132
Automatic DUP-42
Automatic DX-619
Automatic EM29
Automatic EP-108, F-128, F-128C
Automatic F-100
Automatic F-151
Automatic F-241
Automatic F322A
Automatic FP-238, FP-238C, FT-227, MT-47C
Automatic FP-276TR
Automatic H-400, K-700, P-651, S-500, S-551
Automatic H-9, HP-10, HP-15
Automatic L-559, LA-449, LAP-29, LP-929
Automatic M-86
Automatic M-90
Automatic MAP-99, MT-419
Automatic MM-430
Automatic MP-69, MP-126
Automatic MU-34
Automatic N-638
Automatic N-639
Automatic NA-749
Automatic NY-598A
Automatic P-651
Automatic P-69
Automatic PAP-69, PP-819
Automatic PAP-80, PP-330, VPA-280, VTP-440
Automatic PM-236
Automatic R-61
Automatic RAP-100
Automatic RAP-89
Automatic RP-470
Automatic RP-519
Automatic RT-7B
Automatic RT-7D, S-91, SA-529, SP-1, SPA-209
Automatic S-551
Automatic Tom Thumb Stering Column Radio
Automatic TPP-87A
Automatic TPP-88
Automatic TPP-88C
Automatic TR-12
Automatic TUN-5
Automatic W-76, WP-4, WP-7, WP-7G, WPC-8
Automatic W-89, WP-19
Automatic WP-167
Autovox TR-231, Transmobile 3
Becker Europa TG/MU
Becker Europa, MU, MUK
Becker Mexico TG
Becker Monte Carlo M
Belmont 580
Belmont 660
Belmont 670
Belmont 670-A
Bendix Factory Service Manuals
Bendix 2BC, 2BCT
Bendix 3BCH, 3BCH2
Bendix 3BCT
Bendix R2BT4
Bendix X2BB, Shipmate III
Blackhawk 6-U
Blaupunkt 3598
Blaupunkt 9180
Blaupunkt 9798
Blaupunkt Bremen Ser # G140001+
Blaupunkt Export Super, 91220
Blaupunkt Frankfurt
Blaupunkt Hamburg
Blaupunkt Koln
Blaupunkt Wolfsburg, 9160
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 100, 9-20
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 108
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 119, 129
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 139, 149
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 140-A
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 150
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 150 Type 2
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 160
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 45-A, 45-C
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 524-A
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 634-A Type 1 & 2
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 79-C
Bosch (United American Bosch Corp.) 80
Buick 980051
Buick 980052
Buick 980132
Buick 980297
Buick 980316
Buick 980462
Buick 980463
Buick 980464, 980464A
Buick 980626, 980635
Buick 980655
Buick 980690 Series 40, 60, 90
Buick 980733 Series 50, 70
Buick 980744 Series 40, 60, 90
Buick 980745 Series 50, 70
Buick 980782
Buick 980797 Series 40, 60, 90
Buick 980798 Series 50, 70
Buick 980868
Buick 980979
Buick 981111
Buick 981320 Series 40
Buick 981321 Series 50, 70
Buick 981323 Series 50, 70
Buick 981550 Series 40, 50, 70
Buick 981551 series 40, 50, 70
Buick 981652
Buick 981707
Buick 981708
Buick 981813
Buick 981814
Buick 981902
Buick 981903
Buick 981968
Buick 981969
Buick 981970
Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile 980455 (United Motors)
Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile 980459 (United Motors)
Buick-Pontiac 544245 (United Motors)
Cadillac (also see Delco)
Cadillac 06W (1933-34)
Cadillac 2029, 2029A, 2030
Cadillac 2721, 072
Cadillac 2722, 072-A
Cadillac 56V1
Cadillac 7256609
Cadillac 7258755
Cadillac 7260205 (see Delco 7260205)
Cadillac 7260405, 72660905
Cadillac 7264165, 7264185
Cadillac 7265825, 7265845
Cadillac 7266505, 7266535
Cadillac 7268005, 7268035
Cadillac 7268085
Cadillac 7270405, 7270555
Cadillac 7272505
Cadillac 7274905, 7274925
Cadillac 7279615, 7281225
Cadillac 7282315
Cadillac 7283295
Cadillac C-8 (1939)
Carter Genemotor Corp. 1680A, 1635A, 4680A
Carter Genemotor Corp. 4635A, 1135A, 1180A
Century Radio Products 7-38
Channel Master 6540
Charles Hoodwin Co. Aero Pentod B, Auto
Charles Hoodwin Co. Aero Pentode (1932)
Chas. Hoodwin Aero (1929, 1930)
Chas. Hoodwin Aero (1931)
Cheverlet (also see Delco)
Cheverlet 3711897
Chevrolet 364441
Chevrolet 364441 (United Motors-Delco)
Chevrolet 3706551
Chevrolet 3725156
Chevrolet 600153
Chevrolet 601038 (United Motors)
Chevrolet 601574 (United Motors)
Chevrolet 985159, 985315
Chevrolet 985227
Chevrolet 985264
Chevrolet 985285
Chevrolet 985332
Chevrolet 985396
Chevrolet 985431
Chevrolet 985432
Chevrolet 985443, 985447
Chevrolet 985445
Chevrolet 985449
Chevrolet 985453
Chevrolet 985471
Chevrolet 985686
Chevrolet 985694
Chevrolet 985792
Chevrolet 985793
Chevrolet 986067
Chevrolet 986240
Chevrolet 986241
Chevrolet 986388
Chevrolet 986389
Chevrolet 986443
Chevrolet 986515
Chevrolet 986516
Chevrolet 986668
Chevrolet 986669
Chevrolet 986771
Chevrolet 987086
Chevrolet 987087
Chevrolet 987088
Chevrolet 987187
Chevrolet 987368
Chevrolet 987573
Chevrolet 987575
Chevrolet 987577
Chevrolet 987693
Chevrolet 987724
Chevrolet 987727
Chevrolet 987730, 3748611
Chevrolet 987888
Chevrolet 987891
Chevrolet 987893
Chevrolet 988080
Chevrolet 988275, 988062
Chevrolet 988276
Chevrolet 988336, 988460
Chevrolet 988413
Chrysler CA, CB (Philco G)
Chrysler CT-2 (Philco)
Chrysler CT-5, code C1, C2, C3 (Philco)
Chrysler CZ, C-6 (Philco)
Clarion 100 (Trans. Corp.)
Colonial 103
Colonial 106-B
Colonial 150
Colonial 164
Colonial 164-B
Colonial 182
Consolidated Roamio 51
Continental 6BC, 4047424
Continental F3TBC
Coronado 35RA2-43-5101A
Coronado 43-5005
Coronado C579 (579)
Crosley 4A1
Crosley 5A3
Crosley Roamio 102
Crosley Roamio 103
Crosley Roamio 4A1
Crosley Roamio 5A1
Crosley Roamio 5A3
Crosley Roamio 90
Crosley Roamio 91
Crosley Roamio 92
Crosley Roamio 95
Crosley Roamio 96
Crosley Roamio 98
Crosley Roamio 99
Crosley Roamio 992, 5R2
Crosley Roamio A-150
Crosley Roamio A-155
Crosley Roamio A-156
Crosley Roamio A-157
Crosley Roamio A-158
Crosley Roamio A-160
Crosley Roamio A-166
Crosley Roamio A-167
Crosley Roamio A-168
Crosley Roamio A-169
Crosley Roamio A-177
Crosley Roamio A-250
Crosley Roamio A-255
Crosley Roamio A-258
Crosley Roamio A-259
Crosley Roamio A-266
Crosley Roamio A-267
Crosley Roamio A-268
Crosley Roamio A-350
Crosley Roamio A-355
Crosley Roamio A-358
Crosley Roamio A-359
Crosley Roamio A-366
Crosley Roamio A-450
Crosley Roamio A-455
Crosley Roamio A-459
Crosley Roamio A-555
Crosley Roamio A-559
Crosley Roamio F-157
De Soto S-16, S-18
De Soto S-21, S-22
Delco Factory Service Manuals
Delco 1930s-1963
Delco 1964-1970
Delco 3002
Delco 3026
Delco 985264
Delco Appliance - 5 Tube Set
Desoto C1808
Desoto C1908
Desoto D1296
Desoto D4220
Desoto 27D-6
Desoto 37D-1
Desoto 37D-2
Desoto L51, L52, L53
Desoto S-19, S-20
DeSoto SG (Philco)
Detrola 6-A
Detrola Roadmaster, Roadchief
Dewald 52
Dewald 54
DeWald 605
Dewald 61
DeWald 640
Dodge D55, D56
Dodge DR, DS (Philco G)
Edsel 04BE, COKF-18805, COKF-18806
Edsel 85SE
Edsel 87SE
Edsel 94BE
Electric Autolite 062-A
Electric Autolite 072-A
Electronic Laboratories - Electronic B Power Supply
Electronic Laboratories 331, 332, 338, 339
Emerson 420, V-4
Emerson 5A
Emerson 667
Emerson 678
Emerson 6A
Emerson 965
Empire 60
Eric FM-100
ERLA (Elect. Research Labs) 261, 521
ERLA (Elect. Research Labs) 550
ERLA (Elect. Research Labs) 5500
ERLA (Elect. Research Labs) 600
ERLA (Elect. Research Labs) 602
ERLA (Elect. Research Labs) 603
Fada 101
Fada RV, 104-B
Federated Purchaser 731A Interfreance Elm.
Federated Purchaser 770 Amp
Federated Purchaser 92
Firestone 3-D-5 Code 120-MU-60B
Firestone 3-D-6 Code 120-1-R62
Firestone 3-D-6 Code 120-3-P69
Firestone 3-D-7 Code 120-3-DUP-42
Firestone 4-B-1
Firestone 4-B-2
Firestone 4-B-56
Firestone 4-B-57
Firestone 4-B-58
Firestone 4-B-6
Firestone 4-B-61
Firestone 4-B-62
Firestone 4-B-67
Firestone 4-B-69
Firestone 4-B-71
Firestone 4-B-72
Firestone 4-B-74
Firestone 4-B-75
Firestone 4-B-76 Code 120-5-F145
Firestone 4-B-77
Firestone 4-B-78 Code 120-5-P255
Ford 04BF, COAZ-18805, COKF-18806
Ford 04BT, COTF-18805-F
Ford 04MD, CODF-18805-D, 04MF, COAF-18805-U
Ford 04MFM, COAF-18805-T
Ford 1BF, 1A-18805-A1, M-2
Ford 1CF743, 1A-18805-B
Ford 1CF743-1, 1A-18805-B
Ford 1MF, 1A-18805-A2
Ford 1TMC, 1TMS
Ford 12BT, 12BU, C1UF-18805
Ford 22BD, 22BO
Ford 2CF754, FAC-18805-B
Ford 2MF, FAC-18805-A
Ford 2TBO
Ford 2TMF, 2TMX
Ford 3MF, FAC-18805-C
Ford 3MF, FAE-18805-A
Ford 3SF 755, FAD-18805-D
Ford 3TBD, 3TBO
Ford 4MF, FDA-18805-B-2
Ford 4SF765, FDA-18805-A
Ford 5BF, FDH-18805-B1
Ford 5MF, FDH-18805-B2
Ford 5MF8, FDH-18805-A2
Ford 5MFS, 5MFS8, FDH-18805-B
Ford 66MF, FDR-18805-B1
Ford 66MFP, FDR-18805-B1
Ford 69MF, FDR-18806-F, 69MS, FEF-18805-B
Ford 6BF, FDR-18805-B
Ford 6BFT, FDV-18805-A
Ford 6MF080
Ford 6MF780, 51A-18805-A1
Ford 6MF780-E, 51AE-18805
Ford 7070, 51A-18805-B2
Ford 74BF, 84BF, FEG-18805, B8A-18805-B
Ford 74BT, 84BT, FEM-18805-A, FEM-18005-B
Ford 74MF, 84MF, B7A-18805-A1, B8A-18805-B
Ford 75BF, FEG-18805-B
Ford 75MF, FEG-18806-H
Ford 76MF, 86MF, B7A-18805-B1, B8A-18805-A
Ford 78MF, FEG-18806-G
Ford 79MS, FEG-18806-C
Ford 8072, 8A-18805-A
Ford 84MS, FEV-18805-F
Ford 8MF880
Ford 8MF881
Ford 8MF980, 8A-18805
Ford 8MF983, 8A-18805B-1
Ford 8MF983-E, 8A-18805
Ford 8ZT, 8A-18805-B
Ford 94BF, B9A-18805-A, B9AF-18806-D
Ford 94BT, B9C-18805-A1
Ford 94mf, 94MFM, B9FA-18806-C, B9FA-18805-E
Ford 94MS, B9SF-18805-B
Ford 95MF, B9FA-18806-B
Ford 9BF, 8A-18805-A1
Ford 9DF, 8A-18805-A2
Ford 9MF, 8A-18805-A3
Ford 9ZF, 8A-18805-B1
Ford F1840
Ford F1841
Ford F1842
Ford F3TBF, C3AA-18806
Ford F3TBS, C3SA-18806
Ford GF890, OA-18805-B
Ford M-1, M-1A, 18A-18805-A, OA-18805-A1
Ford M-1A-1, OA-18805-A1
Ford M-2, 1A-18805-A1
Ford M-4, FAC-18805-A1
Ford M-4B, FDA-18805-B1
Ford Model N - Center Control Radio
Ford OBF, OA-18805-A1
Ford OCF-751-1, 1CFT751-2
Ford OMF, OA-18805-A2
Ford OZF, OA-18805-B, GF890
Ford RV2F
Ford-Majestic 114
Franklin Radio Corp. 100
Franklin Radio Corp. 200
Freed A-7
Freed A-9
Galvin - Motorola Auto Set
Galvin 44
Galvin 5 Tube Split Case
Galvin 55
Galvin 5T-71
Galvin 61
Galvin 66
Galvin 6T-12 PL
Galvin 77
Galvin 77A
Galvin 77A Series B
Galvin 7T-38
Galvin 7T-38A
Galvin 7T-47A
Galvin 88
General Electric GE 230, Kaiser-Frazer 200001
General Electric GE 233, Kaiser Frazer 200002
General Electric GE A-60
General Electric GE A-90
General Electric GE B-40
General Motors (see Delco)
General Motors 2028
GMC 2233029
GMC 2233297
GMC 2233338
GMC 2233396
GMC 2233398
GMC 2233398
GMC 2233850
GMC 2233984
GMC 2234003
Gonset 3155
Gonset 3239
Granco ARC-60
Grigsby-Grunow - Ford B-18805
Grigsby-Grunow - Ford Glove Box (Police)
Grigsby-Grunow - Ford Glove Box 40-18805
Grigsby-Grunow - Ford Motor Generator Police Radio
Grigsby-Grunow 110
Grigsby-Grunow 114
Grigsby-Grunow 116 Type 1, 3, 4
Grigsby-Grunow 66
Gulbransen 06W
Gulbransen 362
Gulbransen V6Z2
Gulbransen Z6Z1
Halson Radio - Roadmaster
Howard 52, 502, HA-2
Howard 670-A, HA-1
Hudson 225908 Early
Hudson 225908 Ch. 749-1 (Late), 229403 Ch. 749-2
Hudson 236476, SH759
Hudson 236486, 238060, SH758
Hudson 4389027, HN5AC-8
Hudson 680 (Zenith)
Hudson DB47
Hudson DB48
Hudson HN2A, HN2M
Hudson HN2A6
Hudson HN3A6
Hudson HN4A6
Hudson HN4M6
Hudson HN53M6
Hudson HN8, HN9
Hudson HNO
Hudson HT3A6 (Jet)
Hudson Terraplane (Zenith 650-HD 1934)
International 86M1
International 94MI
International 94MIM
International IL0TC
International IL2TC
International IL5TCA, IL5TCA-12
International IL7TC, IL7TC-12
International Radio K-60, K-6, St. Regis
Jackson-Bell 205
Kaiser 100170
Kaiser 100205
Kaiser 200001
Kaiser 200002
Kaiser KR1
Kaiser KR2A, KR2M
Kaiser KR3A6
Kaiser KR8, KR9
Kaiser KR9A
Karadio 1275, 1275A
Karadio 1276
Karadio 56
Karadio 80-C
Karadio M80B
Kingston Products Gypsy, 6 Tube (Packard)
Lafayette 110 (Philco)
Lafayette AM-20
Lafayette B-62
Lafayette C-60
Lafayette Deluxe (early)
Lafayette L-30
Lafayette LW-10
Lafayette S-17762
Larkin 91
Lincoln 05BH, COLF-18810, COLY-18805
Lincoln 1CH748, 1H-18005
Lincoln 1CH748-1, 1H18805
Lincoln 2CH753, FAA-18805-A
Lincoln 3SH756, FAG-18805-A
Lincoln 4SH764, 4SH766, FDD-18805-A, FDD-18805-B
Lincoln 6BH, FDU-18805-C
Lincoln 78BL, HHK-18805-A
Lincoln 7ML080, 5EH-18805-A
Lincoln 7ML081, 5EH-18805-B
Lincoln 85BH, FFC-18805-C, FFC-18805-D
Lincoln 85BHP, 95BH, B9FL-15801-A, FFC-19061-B
Lincoln 88BH, FFC-15491-B
Lincoln 8ML882, 8L-18805-A
Lincoln 8ML882Z, 8H-18805-A
Lincoln 8ML985, 8L-18805-A
Lincoln 8ML985E, 8L-18805-B
Lincoln 8ML985Z, 8H-18805-A
Lincoln 8ML985ZE, 8H-18805
Majestic 110
Majestic 114
Majestic 116
Majestic 116-A
Majestic 118
Marconi - Ford 6MF080
Marconi - Ford 8A-18805A
Marconi - Hudson DB46
Marconi - Lincoln 7ML080, 7ML081
Marconi - Mercury C8M-18805
Marconi - Meteor 8A-18805A
Marconi - Monarch C8M-18805
Marconi - Nash 6MN-082
Melburn Radio 30
Mercury 04BM-1
Mercury 1CM747, 1M-18805
Mercury 1CM747-1, 1M-18805
Mercury 22BM
Mercury 2CM752, FAB-18805A
Mercury 2TBM, R2TBM, C2MY-18805B
Mercury 2TMY
Mercury 3SM757, FAF-18805-A
Mercury 3TBM 3CMY-18805
Mercury 4SM767, FDC-18805-A
Mercury 6BM, FDT-18805-C
Mercury 6BMS, FDT-18805-D
Mercury 6MN790, 6MN790-E
Mercury 77BM, FEK-18805-C
Mercury 78BM, FEK-18805-D
Mercury 84BM, FEW-18805-U
Mercury 85BM, FEW-18805-T
Mercury 8MM890, 8M-18805-B
Mercury 8MM990, 8M-18805-B
Mercury 8MM991, 8M-18805-B
Mercury 8MM991-E, 8M-18805
Mercury 94PM, B9MF 18805-B
Mercury 95PM, B9FM-18805-A
Mercury COMF-18805
Mercury COMF-18806
Mercury F3TBM
Mercury GM891, OM-18805-B
Mercury M-5841
Mercury O4BM-2
Mercury RV2F
Metravox Sutton RA144
Metravox Sutton RA155
Mission-Bell 10-A
Mission-Bell 11
Mission-Bell 14, 25-A
Mission-Bell 19, 19-A
Mission-Bell 4-A
Mission-Bell 6-A
Monitoradio M-40, M-160
Monitoradio MC-40, MC-160
Montgomery-Ward 62-118
Montgomery-Ward 62-199
Montgomery-Ward 87
Mopar 101
Mopar 102
Mopar 104
Mopar 107
Mopar 109, 111, 113, 114
Mopar 110
Mopar 202, 203, 204
Mopar 214, 215
Mopar 302
Mopar 303
Mopar 304
Mopar 305
Mopar 317
Mopar 330, 331, 332, 333
Mopar 343
Mopar 347
Mopar 350
Mopar 402
Mopar 403
Mopar 404, 407
Mopar 409, 410
Mopar 411, 34BCS
Mopar 413, 34B1
Mopar 602
Mopar 603
Mopar 604
Mopar 606
Mopar 607
Mopar 608
Mopar 609, D44, D46, D47, D48
Mopar 610T, B-3, B-4
Mopar 614
Mopar 620, 621
Mopar 624
Mopar 700, TAR-58
Mopar 701
Mopar 802 1st and 2nd production
Mopar 803, 806, 807
Mopar 804
Mopar 805, 809, 810
Mopar 808
Mopar 812, 813, 815, 816, 817
Mopar 814
Mopar 819
Mopar 820
Mopar 821
Mopar 830
Mopar 832
Mopar 833
Mopar 834
Mopar 835
Mopar 836, P26, P27
Mopar 840, P-5606, 844, C-5609, 844HR, C-5609HR
Mopar 841, 842, 843
Mopar 845, 846
Mopar 847, 848, C5705, P5701
Mopar 848, P5801
Mopar 849
Mopar 851
Mopar 852, 853
Mopar 854
Mopar 855
Mopar 856, 857
Mopar 858, 94BC
Mopar 860, 861
Mopar 900
Mopar 901
Mopar 902, 903
Mopar 910, 910HR, 911
Mopar 912, C-5696, 912HR, C-5696HR
Mopar 916, 916HR
Mopar 917HR, 920HR, 921HR, P5703, C5707, C5709
Mopar 918, 919, 919HR
Mopar 922, 85BC
Mopar 923
Mopar 924HR
Mopar 927
Mopar 928, R95BC-S
Mopar 929
Mopar 925
Moto-Meter 10-A (above #500)
Moto-Meter 10-E
(also see Motorola Factory Service Manuals)
Motorola 100
Motorola 10A
Motorola 10A
Motorola 10AX
Motorola 10M
Motorola 10MX
Motorola 12AT-1, 12AT-2, 12AT-3
Motorola 1A
Motorola 1B
Motorola 250X
Motorola 2A, 2M
Motorola 2AT-1
Motorola 2MT
Motorola 300X, 301X
Motorola 309
Motorola 310X
Motorola 311X
Motorola 320T
Motorola 34 (1934)
Motorola 395, 395-12
Motorola 397
Motorola 397X
Motorola 400
Motorola 401
Motorola 401A
Motorola 403
Motorola 404
Motorola 405
Motorola 405M
Motorola 406
Motorola 408
Motorola 409
Motorola 412
Motorola 451
Motorola 500
Motorola 500X
Motorola 500X
Motorola 501
Motorola 501A
Motorola 503
Motorola 504
Motorola 505
Motorola 506, 506-12
Motorola 508
Motorola 509
Motorola 520T
Motorola 553
Motorola 555, 555-12, 595, 595-12
Motorola 556, 596, 596-12
Motorola 5M, 5M-12
Motorola 5MF
Motorola 5MFS, 5MFS-8
Motorola 600
Motorola 601
Motorola 601X
Motorola 605
Motorola 608
Motorola 609
Motorola 613
Motorola 614
Motorola 6M, 6M-12
Motorola 700
Motorola 701
Motorola 702
Motorola 705
Motorola 708
Motorola 709
Motorola 7MX
Motorola 800
Motorola 801
Motorola 802
Motorola 833
Motorola 834
Motorola 836
Motorola 8A
Motorola 8M
Motorola 8MX
Motorola AT84
Motorola AT89
Motorola AT90
Motorola BK2A, BK2M
Motorola BK3A6
Motorola BK3M6, R14M6
Motorola BK53A6
Motorola BK6
Motorola BK8, BK8X
Motorola BKA60X, CRA60X, PCA60X
Motorola BKA61
Motorola BKA62, PCA62
Motorola BKA6T
Motorola BKA6X, BKA7X, CTA6X, CTA7X, PCA7X, 597X
Motorola BKA9X, CTA9X
Motorola BKO
Motorola CA62, CRA62
Motorola CR6
Motorola CR76
Motorola CRM62
Motorola CT0
Motorola CT1
Motorola CT1M
Motorola CT2A, CT2M
Motorola CT2A6
Motorola CT2M6, R14M6
Motorola CT52M6
Motorola CT6
Motorola CT8
Motorola CT8-A
Motorola CT-9
Motorola CTA3
Motorola CTA4
Motorola CTA5
Motorola CTA61
Motorola CTA62
Motorola CTA6T
Motorola CTA8X
Motorola CTM3
Motorola CTM4A
Motorola CTM6
Motorola CTM62
Motorola CTM7X
Motorola CTM8X, CTM57X, 398X
Motorola CTM9X, PCA9X, 9AX
Motorola CYA62
Motorola CYM62
Motorola FD6
Motorola FD7
Motorola FD8
Motorola FMC62
Motorola GM9T
Motorola GM9T-A
Motorola GMOT
Motorola GMT2A, GMT2M
Motorola GMT2A6
Motorola GMT2M6
Motorola GMT3A6
Motorola GMT53A6
Motorola GV-701
Motorola GV-800
Motorola HJ2A, HJ2M
Motorola HJ3A6
Motorola HJ3M6
Motorola HN2A, HN2M
Motorola HN2A6
Motorola HN2M6
Motorola HN3A6
Motorola HN4A6
Motorola HN4M6
Motorola HN53M6
Motorola HNO
Motorola HT3A6
Motorola IL0TC
Motorola IL2TC
Motorola IL3TC, IL3TC-12
Motorola KR1
Motorola KR2A, KR2M
Motorola KR3A6
Motorola KR3AC, KR3MC
Motorola KR8, KR9
Motorola KR9A
Motorola NH1C
Motorola NH4AC
Motorola NH8
Motorola OE0
Motorola OE2
Motorola OE2A, OE2M
Motorola OE2A6
Motorola OE2M6
Motorola OE6
Motorola OE8, OE9
Motorola OEA7X
Motorola OEA9X
Motorola P6-2
Motorola P8-2
Motorola PC0
Motorola PC2, PC2A, PC2M
Motorola PC2, PC2A, PC2M
Motorola PC2A6
Motorola PC2M6
Motorola PC6
Motorola PC6
Motorola PC8, PC9
Motorola PC8, PC9
Motorola PD2A, PD2M
Motorola PD3A6
Motorola PD3M6
Motorola R15A6
Motorola R16M6
Motorola R17A6
Motorola R200
Motorola SR0B
Motorola SR1B
Motorola SR2A, SR2M
Motorola SR2A6
Motorola Sr3A6
Motorola SR52A6
Motorola SR52M6
Motorola SR6
Motorola SR8, SR9
Motorola SR9A
Motorola Twin 8, Dual 6 (1934)
Motorola VWA60
Motorola VWA7
Motorola VWA8
Motorola VWM60
Nash 6MN082
Nash AC-152, NH2AC
Nash AC-154
Nash C, D, AC-989, AC-989 code 122 (Philco)
Nash NH3C - Nash Rambler
Nash Rambler NH1C
National - 5 Tube
Noblitt Sparks 10-A
Noblitt Sparks 20-A Type 1, 2, 3
Noblitt Sparks 20-B
Noblitt Sparks 30-A
Nordic AR5 (Ford)
Oldsmobile (also see Delco)
Oldsmobile 393884 (United Motors)
Oldsmobile 982030
Oldsmobile 982136
Oldsmobile 982137
Oldsmobile 982149
Oldsmobile 982212
Oldsmobile 982375
Oldsmobile 982399
Oldsmobile 982420
Oldsmobile 982421
Oldsmobile 982454
Oldsmobile 982543, 982579
Oldsmobile 982544
Oldsmobile 982573
Oldsmobile 982697, 982698
Oldsmobile 982699, 982700
Oldsmobile 982990
Oldsmobile 983004
Oldsmobile 983091
Oldsmobile 983204
Oldsmobile 983205
Oldsmobile 983334
Oldsmobile 983336
Oldsmobile 989001
Oldsmobile 989002
Oldsmobile 989127
Oldsmobile 989129
Oldsmobile 989131
Oldsmobile 989170
Oldsmobile 989171
Oldsmobile 989172
Oldsmobile 989276
Oldsmobile 989277
Oldsmobile 989387
Oldsmobile 989392
Oldsmobile OE2A6
Ooldsmobile 983090
P. R. Mallory Elkon Auto Eliminator B, C
P.R. Mallory - Standard B Eliminator
P.R. Mallory - Type C Eliminator
Packard 416387, P4735
Packard 416394 
Packard 439279, 439310
Packard 439338, 439339, series 26
Packard 472046
Packard 472047, 472048
Packard 7267427, 480487
Packard 988671
Packard 988672
Packard AC-2905
Packard AC-2906
Packard AC-2907
Packard PA (Philco)
Packard PA-351099, PA-351100
Packard PA382042
Packard PA393607, P4735
Packard PB (Philco)
Packard PD2A, PD2M
Packard PD3A6
Packard PHD (Philco)
Packard PT-5, Model 120 cars (Philco)
Packard Radio Co. 5 Auto
Philco 10 code 122
Philco 11, 11 code 122
Philco 700
Philco 800
Philco 800 code 122
Philco 802
Philco 805
Philco 806
Philco 808
Philco 822P
Philco 822PV
Philco 920
Philco 921, 922
Philco 926
Philco 927
Philco 928K
Philco 931
Philco 932
Philco 933
Philco 936
Philco 937
Philco 938K
Philco AC-206
Philco AC-206 code 122
Philco AR-10
Philco AR-4
Philco AR-40
Philco AR-45
Philco AR-5
Philco AR-50
Philco AR-55
Philco AR-6
Philco AR-65
Philco AR-75
Philco AR-8
Philco AR-9
Philco C-1550
Philco C-1606
Philco C-1608
Philco C-1708
Philco C-1808, C-1809
Philco C-1908
Philco C-4608
Philco C-4908
Philco C-5509
Philco C-5595
Philco C-5696, C-5696HR
Philco C-5705, P-5701
Philco C-5809
Philco CR-12
Philco CR-2
Philco CR-4
Philco CR-501
Philco CR-503
Philco CR-505
Philco CR-6
Philco CR-8
Philco CR-9
Philco CT-2, CT-5
Philco F-1540
Philco F-1640
Philco F-1641
Philco F-1740
Philco F-1840
Philco F-1841
Philco F-1942
Philco FT-6
Philco G - Hupmobile, J, T, W cars
Philco G code 122
Philco G-1528
Philco G-1628
Philco H - Hupmobile, J, T, W cars
Philco Junior AC-236, J Nash AC-1189, AC-1289
Philco L-1560
Philco L-1660
Philco L-1760
Philco L-1761
Philco M-5741
Philco M-5841
Philco ME
Philco N-1514
Philco N-1524
Philco P-1517
Philco P-1530
Philco P-1535
Philco P1617
Philco P-1630
Philco P-1635
Philco P-1830
Philco P-1835
Philco P-1935
Philco P-4635
Philco P-4735
Philco P-5506
Philco P5606, C-5609, C-5609HR, Codes 121, 122
Philco P-5702
Philco P-5703, C-5707, C-5709
Philco P-5801
Philco P-5803
Philco P-6234
Philco PA (Packard)
Philco PD-4908
Philco Q, Nash AC-1089
Philco R
Philco R - Hupmobile, J, T, W cars
Philco S-1516
Philco S-1526
Philco S-1616
Philco S-1622
Philco S-1626
Philco S-1722
Philco S-1726
Philco S-1824
Philco S-1825
Philco S-1826
Philco S-1924
Philco S-1926
Philco S-4624
Philco S-4625
Philco S-4626
Philco S-4627
Philco S-5323
Philco S-5327
Philco SW-1
Philco TAR-58
Philco Transitone 10
Philco Transitone 3
Philco Transitone 5
Philco Transitone 6
Philco Transitone 7
Philco Transitone 8, 12
Philco Transitone 9
Philco UN6-100
Philco UN6-400
Philco UN6-450
Philco UN6-500
Philco UN6-550
Pierce Airo - 52
Pierce Airo - 54
Pierce MT-3 (Philco)
Pierce-Arrow ME (Philco)
Pilot 140
Pilot M-30
Pilot M-32
Pilot M-34
Plymouth 984961
Plymouth PE, PF (Philco G)
Pontaic (also see Delco)
Pontaic 989792
Pontiac 983579
Pontiac 983687
Pontiac 983873
Pontiac 983874
Pontiac 983875
Pontiac 983945
Pontiac 984170
Pontiac 984296
Pontiac 984570
Pontiac 984592, 984688
Pontiac 984717
Pontiac 984817
Pontiac 988569
Pontiac 988672
Pontiac 988822
Pontiac 988823
Pontiac 988837
Pontiac 988976
Pontiac 988977
Pontiac 988978
Pontiac 989614
Pontiac 989693
Pontiac 989831
Pontiac PC0
Pontiac PC2, PC2A, PC2M
Pontiac PC6
Pontiac PC8, PC9
Premier Electric - Auto Pal
Radio Chassis Inc. Auto Receiver
Rambler 3TBA, 3TBAM, 3TBAX
RCA AR-4229
RCA M-101
RCA M-104, M-108
RCA M-105
RCA M-107
RCA M-109
RCA M-116
RCA M-123
RCA M-30
RCA M-32
RCA M-34
Regal CR-761
Regal CR-762
Regal CR-871
Remler 27
Renault 3TMXD, 55556
Reo DeLux RT-3 (Philco)
Riverside FJB-16566A
Riverside FJB-6471A, FJB-6472A
Riverside FJB-6540A
Riverside FJB-6560A
Riverside FJB-6561A
Riverside FJB-6562A
Riverside FJB-6567
Riverside FJB-6567M
Riverside FJB-6571
Riverside FJB-6572A, 6579A, 6580A, 6581
Riverside FJB-6581
Riverside FJB-6583A
Riverside FJB-6584A, FJB-6608A
Riverside FJB-6587
Riverside FJB-6604B
Riverside FJB-6609, FJB-6609A
Riverside FJB-6612, 61-6612
Riverside FJB-6612A
Riverside FJB-6613, FJB-6613A
Riverside FJB-6619/A, FJB-6658
Riverside FJB-6643A
Riverside FJB-6649A
Riverside FJB-6679A
Riverside FJB-6681A
Riverside FJB-6682A, FJB-6682B
Riverside FJB-6684, FJB-6687, FJB-6688
Riverside FJB-6686A, FJB-6689A
Riverside FJB-6690A
Riverside FJB-6691B, FJB-6693B
Roots Auto Radio model 55
Sampson 55A
Sears Roebuck 1859-A, 7117
Sears -Roebuck 1864
Sears Silvertone 6285-A, 101.666-1B
Sears Silvertone 6286, 6287, 528.6286, 528.6287
Sears Silvertone 6290, 101.677-B
Sears Silvertone 6293, 528.6293-2
Sears Silvertone 6295, 528.6295
Sears Silvertone 7163
Sears-Roebuck 1730
Sears-Roebuck 1858
Sears-Roebuck 7128
Sentinel 261
Sentinel 550
Sentinel 5500
Sentinel 560 Type 2
Sentinel 560, 561
Sentinel 600
Sentinel 602
Sentinel 603
Silver-Marshall 770
Simplex Radio - Model T
Solar 062
Sparks-Withington 33
Sparks-Withington 34
Sparks-Withington 40
Sparks-Withington 41
Sparks-Withington 43
Sparks-Withington AR-19
Sparks-Withington AR-50 Police Set
Sparton 36
Sparton 40
Sparton 333
Star 062
Star 6-U
Stewart Radio 60
Stewart Radio Aristocrat
Stewart Radio Companion
Stewart-Warner 10 thru 20
Stewart-Warner 108, 108X
Stewart-Warner 112, 1121
Stewart-Warner 1171, 1172, R-117
Stewart-Warner 1311, 1319, R-131
Stewart-Warner R-112
Stewart-Warner R-3271, R-3271C
Stromberg-Carlson 31
Stromberg-Carlson 33
Stromberg-Carlson C.A.R.7
Stromberg-Carlson C.A.R.9
Stromberg-Carlson IM-60-M
Stromberg-Carlson LR-=61PB, PL-61-PB, VA-61-PB
Stromberg-Carlson Police Set
Studebaker AC1387
Studebaker AC1388
Studebaker AC-206 (Philco)
Studebaker AC2113
Studebaker AC-2300, S-5327
Studebaker AC-2301, S-5323
Studebaker AC-266 (Philco)
Studebaker AC-2745, AC-2747
Studebaker AC-2746, AC-2748
Studebaker AC-2905
Studebaker AC-2906
Studebaker AC2907
StudEbaker AC-2977
Studebaker AC-2978
Studebaker AC-3085, AC-3087
Studebaker AC-3217, AC-3246, AC-3255
Studebaker AC-3351
Studebaker AC-3352, AC-3354, AC-3377
Studebaker AC-3353
Studebaker DeLux AC-206 code 122 (Philco)
Studebaker Junior AC-236 (Philco)
Studebaker S-4624
Studebaker S-4625
Studebaker S-4626
Studebaker S-4627
Studebaker S-5323
Studebaker SR0B
Studebaker SR1B
Studebaker SR2A, SR2M
Studebaker SR2A6
Studebaker SR3A6
Studebaker SR52A6
Studebaker SR52M6
Studebaker SR6
Studebaker SR8, SR9
Studebaker SR9A
Tatro (L. Tatro) L74, N74
Tatro (L. Tatro) P54
Transformer Corp. of America 100-AR (Clarion 100)
Transformer Corp. of America AR-100
Transformer Corp. of America TC-50
Triumph R2BT4
Tropic-Aire model 06-W
Troy Radio 46, 56
Truetone D-4118
Truetone D4142A
Truetone D4425B, D4426A
Truetone D4620
Truetone D4623A, D4624A
Truetone D4625A, D4626A
Truetone D4626A
Truetone D4630
Truetone D4818
Truetone D4832
Truetone D4842
Truetone DC4200
Truetone DC4205B, DC4206B
Truevalue 6-U
U. S. Radio And Television 30
United Motors (also see Delco)
United Motors (Delco) 140A
United Motors (Delco) 150 Type 1 and 2
United Motors (Delco) 160
United Motors (Delco) 4038
United Motors (Delco) 626
United Motors (Delco) 80, 84
United Motors (Delco) 980455
United Motors (Delco) 980459
United Motors (Delco) Buick 55245, Oldsmobile 393884
United Motors (Delco) Chevrolet 364441
United Motors (Delco) Chevrolet 601038
United Motors (Delco) Chevrolet 601574
United Motors (Delco) S-2035
United Motors Service 2035
United Motors Service 4036, B-O-P
United Motors Service 4037
Utah Radio B Eliminator
Vauxhall 988946
Volvo 3BN
Volvo P144 see Bendix
Volvo P1200, P1300, P1800, P2200 see Bendix
Voxson 736
VW Karmann Ghia 2BG
VW Karmann Ghia 3TBV, 3TBVG
VW Karmann Ghia OBG
VW Volkswagen 2BT, 2BV
VW Volkswagen 3TBV, 3TBVT
VW Volkswagen models - also see Bendix
Wells-Gardner 062
Wells-Gardner 06-W
Wells-Gardner 5Y, 25Y1
Wells-Gardner 6U, 26U1
Wells-Gardner 7C
Wells-Gardner V6Z2
Wells-Gardner Z6Z1
Western Auto (Truetone) S-690
Western Auto (Truetone) S-691
Western Auto (Truetone) S-732, S-733
Western Auto (Truetone) S-735
Western Auto (Truetone) S-740
Western Auto (Truetone) S-743, 1312
Westinghouse WR-25
Westinghouse WR-26
Westinghouse WR-500
Westinghouse WR-501
White W-6234
Wholesale Radio Service Auto Radio
Wilcox-Gay 3-R-6
Wilcox-Gay 4-B-6, Road Mate
Willys 677012
Willys 679517
Willys 8030
Willys 815395
Wurlitzer A-60
Wurlitzer U-50
Wurlitzer U-500
Zenith 460
Zenith 462, 2057
Zenith 5M191, 5520
Zenith 5M291, 5527
Zenith 5M294, 5530
Zenith 5M90, 5510
Zenith 5MX080, 5C80
Zenith 650-HD, 651-HE, 660-TD, 661-TE, (Hudson)
Zenith 666, 680 (Hudson)
Zenith 6M192, 5637
Zenith 6M193
Zenith 6M194
Zenith 6M292, 5645
Zenith 6M293
Zenith 6M295, 5650
Zenith 6M390 (Ford)
Zenith 6M90D
Zenith 6M90S, 5630
Zenith 6M91D
Zenith 6M91S, 5631
Zenith 6M92, 5632
Zenith 6MF080
Zenith 6MF490 (Ford)
Zenith 6MF590, 6A21
Zenith 6MF593, 6A23
Zenith 6MF690, 6B19
Zenith 6MF780, 6C80
Zenith 6MF780E, 6D80E
Zenith 6MH081
Zenith 6MH089, 8C89, DB 47
Zenith 6MH699, 6B11
Zenith 6MM790, 6D90
Zenith 6MM790E, 6D90E
Zenith 6MN082, 6C82
Zenith 6MN088, 6C88
Zenith 6MN495 (Nash)
Zenith 6MN496, (Nash)
Zenith 6MN595, 6A17
Zenith 6MN596, 7A08
Zenith 6MN695, 6B22
Zenith 6MN788, 6D88
Zenith 6MN887, 6E87
Zenith 6MN988, 6F88
Zenith 6MW693
Zenith 7
Zenith 7M91D, 5706
Zenith 7M91S, 5706
Zenith 7ML080, 7C80
Zenith 7ML081, 7C80
Zenith 7ML592, 7A09
Zenith 7ML780, 7C80
Zenith 7ML781, 7C80
Zenith 8M195, 5803
Zenith 8MF880, 8E80
Zenith 8MF881, 8E81
Zenith 8MF980, 8F80
Zenith 8MF983, 8F83
Zenith 8MF983E, 8F83E
Zenith 8ML692, 8B03
Zenith 8ML882, 8E82
Zenith 8ML882Z, 8E82Z
Zenith 8ML982, 8F82
Zenith 8ML982Z, 8F82
Zenith 8ML985, 8F85
Zenith 8ML985E, 8F85E
Zenith 8ML985Z, 8F85
Zenith 8MM890, 8E90
Zenith 8MM91E, 8F91E
Zenith 8MM990, 8F90
Zenith 8MM991, 8F91
Zenith Ford-Lincoln Glove Box Radio
Zenith GF890, 8G90
Zenith GF890E, 8G90E
Zenith GH694, 6G94
Zenith GH694Z, 6G94
Zenith GL892, 8G92
Zenith GL892E, 8G92E
Zenith GM891, 8G91
Zenith GM891E, 8G91E
Zenith GN596, 5G96
Zenith GN695, 6G95
If your model is not listed check for thousands of vintage and antique radio schematics and factory service manuals listed by radio manufacturer or contact me for availability.
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